Monday, January 17, 2011

The weekend update

-Saturday morning we went to Gaggi and Pops house. The whole family was psyched to get out!
- Squish watched Dalmatians on the way, he kept saying that the dogs had good spots, but his little 2 year old speech patterns could only get out "Those dogs have good pot" guess we need to be careful who he hangs out with:)
-Squish and his Pop went out to play in the snow, they found "Tiger tracks" (it was probably a cat!) and they tracked the tiger through three yards til they found it. They have such great adventures.
-Saturday night Gaggi and Pop loaded up the fireplace do Squish could roast marshmallows and have his first smores. He loves them. Kept telling Pop, "don't touch that because it's fire"
-He ate one smore, two roasted marshmallows and one "raw" one before he was finally sick of them...I was surprised it happened that fast.
-He gave Pop "pankings" saturday night, I told him we never spank without a reason. He told me Pop hit Gaggi....I should mention that my father (the baptist minister) would NEVER in a million years raise his hand to a woman, especially Gaggi, who he worships almost as much as Squish does:)
-The Bear was around for all of this, not saying much and playing in everything he shouldn't. I forgot how hard the almost walking stage is!
-Went to church on Sunday, boys played in the nursery and had a pleasant time.
-Squish is getting increasingly harder to deal with at bedtime, wants us to stay in his room with him. I'm having a tough time with it because I don't want him to be afraid, I also don't want to move into his room. Hope it clears up before Levi is gone for baseball season.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Remind me to tell you about the bedtime thing I read in the Happiest Toddler on the Block book. I bet it would work for the bedtime battle.

Mummies nummies said...

We have a video monitor in Joslyn's room. It is above her bed. She knows that mommy and daddy watch her all the time, and if she needs us all she has to do is call. That seems to help. Plus we go over how her "woofy keeps her safe and happy" each night. Good luck!