Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Ok this snow has got to go. We've been stuck in the house for 5 days now, which seemed like a dream at first but the honeymoon is freakin over! Squish is crying over everything and Bear has decided to deal with the stale house air by turning himself into an acrobatic daredevil. He has scratches under one of his two (yes two!) black eyes and a knot on his forehead. He and the hardwoods have become fast friends. Lou and I had a good bout over who got to be the lucky devil to go to the grocery store. He won...some mess about being the man and providing for the family. Whatever he got 20 minutes in the wide open world and I'm jealous:)

As Lou and I were working out this morning (a nice surprise that has come from our time of indenture) Squish patted my stomach while I did crunches on the big ball. He said "Mommy you have a big fat belly." He seemed to mean it as a compliment but I'll be dieting just the same.

He also brought me a snack from his play kitchen today...pickles and ice cream. Hope he doesn't know something I don't.

I made PB&H (honey) for lunch today with applesauce and chips. Squish said "peanut butter, applesauce AND chips? That would be crazy." Not sure where he picked that one up.

Well, that was our number 5. And no getting out tomorrow, roads are still iced. What an adventure!

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Elizabeth brought me pretend ice cream and pretend medicine. I hope she doesn't think I am getting sick.