Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crazy hair

Squish always has messy hair. I'm trying to grow it out but I should probably just give up that dream, or pass it along to Bear...he got the good hair. Today I thought "maybe if I put some of my calming serum on it, it will lay down and behave"

It didn't :) 

Friday, August 26, 2011

friday nite leftovers

-Yesterday at preschool Squish was put in time out and instead of sitting quietly (yeah right) he threw the time out chair. I was really surprised to hear that, because even though he tends to get a little angry and rough sometimes, it's pretty out of character for him to throw a chair.

-Today a friend asked him why he threw the chair...his reply :"it was my decision" We all had to keep ourselves from laughing at him.

-All week I have felt like a terrible mom. I've been angry and short tempered and had no interest in playing with my boys. I know myself and my mental health well enough to know that all of this is getting to me. I have no home, and most of the week no husband. We've been trying for almost a year to buy the house and bricks keep hitting me in the face on that front. So I went to the doctor and got a prescription. I don't usually like to rely on that but sometimes you just need a little help from the world of chemistry.

-Today I was the kind of mom I want to be.

-And my boys got along

-And Lou will be here in about an hour.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

so much for that dream (again)

somehow I accidently posted only a title last time I tried this!

When I was in high school I worked at a day care center. Around 5:30 all the parents would start coming in to get their little ones. I loved 5:30, not cause the kids were leaving, but because it was so sweet to watch them see their parents coming. Sweet little faces would light up as if the same event had not just happened the very day before. They would scream "mommy!!!" and drop whatever toy they had been fighting to retain possession of, run to their mom and jump in her arms.

I used to day dream about the day that my own sweet angel would come running to jump in my arms after a long day of separation from the center of their universe.

For 4 days in a row now....Squish has cried when I walked onto the playground to pick him up from preschool :)

so much for that dream

Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Nite Leftovers

-How do you spell the worlds most frustrated scream? I want that to be the title for my blog tonight.

-We got an e-mail from our agent telling us that as the negotiator was working on our approval letter when he got the notification that the case is being transfered to another negotiator. So now instead of hearing something by the end of the week, we have gone to the bottom of someone else's pile and our closing date has been pushed back to Sept. 30th.

-arg&%(*U#hleljahe;foiyaorytrjtbl/wkn##'pdugap ru-8=\!!! (I think that might be the spelling for how I feel)

-On a positive note my wonderful mother-in-law handed me a blank check and told me to go put Squish in school. So on Thursday he started half day preschool at the baptist church. Our relationship has already improved. He just does so much better when he has an outlet and some structure and some kids to play with. He really seems to love it there.

- I'm still trying to get a vision for all the rooms in the new house, I'm stuck on most of the,. I know what I'm doing in the boys bathroom and in Squish's room and that's about it. I have a pretty good idea on our bedroom but I'm having a super hard time finding a bedspread that I want....at least one that costs less that $500. And I'm NOT spending that on a bedspread.

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Monday, August 15, 2011

Almost home

I think we should hear something about the house by the end of the week.....I hope. That's the idea, at least, that our realtor is giving us. We went by the house today and took some measurements. While we were there we made a super deal on the almost brand new pool that the current owner just put up in the back yard. I'm really excited about it, plus I think it may help Squish settle in to the new place. We are getting ready to head back down to the country after our stint at my parents house. We came in for my birthday, the first several hours of which I spent at the hospital with Gaggi and Pop. He passed out in the middle of the night and broke 3 ribs...one of them punctured a lung. It was high drama around here for awhile. I told my mom that if she had been thinking clearly she would have let me ride in the ambulance with Dad, it was my birthday after all.
Squish has taken up a new phrase lately "you never know." He sounds so cute when he says it. He also sounds cute when he says "how many times I have to tell you" but I can't let him know I think it's cute cause he usually says it when he's pitching a fit. (You know, like "I NEED some chocolate milk, Mommy. How many times I have to TELL you!" And to think I used to be so excited about his verbal communication :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Nite Leftovers (the "Where??" edition)

-We are in Blakely.
- Exactly. You've never heard of it, I can almost guarantee you won't find it on a map. It isn't on any until you get here.
- I have to drive 45 minutes into the NEXT STATE to get to the nearest Walmart.
-The boys are having a blast, though. The grandparents are doting a bit and the aunts are doting A LOT.
-We set up a nice little playroom for our visit (we have no idea how long we will be here)
-The fellas are running like crazy through the 20 or so acres that my in-laws live on. There is a huge peanut field right next door (Fear for your allergic life little Bear)
-Lou is still up in the metro paradise.
-I really miss him. But he will be here tonight. Woo Hoo!!
-Tomorrow morning we are going to have pears for breakfast that we picked right off the tree during our evening stroll.

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Wide open spaces

I miss the convenience of the city. I miss my parents and really miss my husband. I miss Walmart. I miss our play date friends and activities. I miss a lot of things about home. But out here in the country....my boys have room to run.

And while we in the city, my boys missed their dog.