Saturday, July 30, 2011

Leaving Home

Tomorrow we are leaving our first home. I am heartbroken. I am surprised at how much this is tugging at my heart, I wanted to move and I'm thrilled that we are. But when I look at my empty rooms and think of all of the memories that this house holds I can't imagine getting in my car and driving away from them.

This has been my family's home. It is first house that Levi and I bought. It is the only place my boys have ever lived. In this house there have been more good days than bad ones. There has been more love and more laughter and singing than there have been tears. There have been first words and first fights and first steps. There have been broken dreams and new dreams and realized dreams.

These are the flowers that I grew from seeds. When they bloomed I was almost as proud of them and the other two little lives I grew from seeds :)

This is where our cat, Pig, is buried. She was the first pet I ever lost and Lou loved her fiercely.

This is the sink where both of my boys had their first baths.

This is our living room. It has seen parties and sword fights and baseball games and Christmas trees so tall we had to put a chair on the kitchen table to put the topper on them. It is where Squish had his febrile seizure on our 5th wedding anniversary.  It's where Bear first fought back and busted his big brothers lip.

This is the dining room. It is where Bear took his first steps. It's where I was when I thought I might be going into labor with Squish.

This is the window that I let Squish pee out of when I'm feeling silly and lazy (and redneck, let's be honest)

These are the hardwood floors that My husband, my brother and my father laid by hand so Squish wouldn't have to learn to crawl on dirty carpet.

This is where Squish was potty trained. And where Bear has even pooped a few times :) 

This is where my boys took their first big boy baths and their first bath together.

This is Squish's room. It's where he slept in a big boy bed for the very first time. It's where Bear first said "Mommy." It's where Squish first talked to Jesus.

This is our nursery. It's where we brought our boys home to. My mom and I slept in the floor for the first few nights after we brought Squish home. It's where Lou and I slept the first few weeks after we brought Squish home before we moved him into our room. It's where Squish took his first steps and where Lou used to read the cookie monster book to him.

This is the tree that one of my oldest friends painted on the wall for me.

This is where I have rocked two different boys to sleep over the past three years. It's the corner where my mom found mushrooms growing and replaced the carpet. This corner has seen me at naptime and bedtime and countless hours in the middle of countless nights. It's where I nursed Bear for the very last time.

This is our master bedroom. It's where I was when I knew for sure that I was going into labor with Squish. It's where my boys slept for several months in the cradle that my father built for me when I was born. It's where we made Squish :) 

This is where Lou and my Dad patched the ceiling after Lou fell through it while putting some boxes in the attic.

I should have rotated this, but this is our master bath. This is where I was when I found out that I was pregnant with Squish...and a few years later where I found out I was pregnant with Bear.

This is the back deck where my boys play and swim (usually naked:) It's where Lou and I go in the summertime after we put the boys to bed. It's where we will go one last time tonight and have a glass of wine and talk about everything that has been in this house and everything that will be in the next one.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh my

Today I said to Squish "Sweetie, take your hand out of your pants. Why do you have your hand there??"

He said "I just do it like Daddy does."

High Noon at the OK Corral

So we had our first duel here yesterday. We were playing in our little pool on the back deck and since I'm lazy and we live in a hick town, I always just let the boys play naked. Little Bear, of course, just pees at will since he's not potty trained. He always thinks it's super funny when it happens. So yesterday I guess he knew it was coming because he assumed this stance with his feet spread and knees slightly bent and his business poked forward. He gave me a mischievous smile and tee-teed on the deck. Squish saw this happening and said "I can do that too!" so he ran over to Bear, faced him, assumed the same position and let it go. Now here are my two boys, weapons drawn and firing at each other. There are some joys only a mother of boys can know.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our last week

Today starts our last week in the house. I am excited, full of dread, happy and sad. I am excited about getting to the new house in the new city that is so close to my parents that the boys will be able to walk to Gaggi and Pop's house. I am dreading the month that we are going to spend in south Georgia because I worry that Squish will not do well with out his regular play dates and activities and his father. I'm happy that the thing we've been working on for so long now is finally coming together and I sad to be leaving our first home. I feel pretty good about our renters, they seem like a nice family and I like the thought of a family being in this home. I hope that they will eventually want to buy it. I can't wait to roll my sleeves up and get to work cleaning and remodeling the new house. I love a project and this one is just starting me down daring me to do something about it. It's starting to get a little tough, to be honest. I have all these great ideas and I can't get started on any of them. For now, though, I'm going to enjoy watching my kids run through our empty rooms and halls.  Rooms and halls where they first learned how to walk and run. I'm going to feed them from the kitchen where their baby food was made and put them to sleep in the bedrooms I brought them home from the hospital to.  And I will be excited and saddened by every minute of it.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Running away

We went to a pajama party at Jen and Wibefs house on Friday morning. The boys had so much fun. Jen always gives little "getting in the car" presents for the kids so that leaving is a nice pleasant experience instead of the wailing and gnashing of teeth that usually happens when we leave somewhere fun. So Squish picked out his little rubber cricket and we go in the car to head home. About half way home he started telling me that he did NOT want to go home and nap, he wanted to go back to Wibefs house. I told him we had to nap. Then he asked what we would do after our nap. I told him we were going to stay home and play with which he replied

"I do NOT want to play with Daddy, I want to go to Wibef's house. I will get up and get the car and turn on Noah's movie in the car and turn on the air conditioner and I will go." I asked him who would drive.
"ME." I asked him if Noah was going. "Yes, I will put Noah in and turn on his movie and the air conditioner and I will drive to Wibef's house."

I had to call Jen and ask her to take the keys from him if he did, in fact, show up after nap. For his first shot at running away, I thought it was a well thought out plan.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Hidden Talents

This weekend Levi was in the bathroom with Squish. He was helping him off the potty when Squish turned around and declared "Look....I made a seahorse poop."  And sure enough, it looked just like a seahorse. Every time I tell this story people ask if I took a picture. I did not. I thought that would be gross, but evidently that was a mistake because everyone wants to see it.

Friday, July 15, 2011

friday nite leftovers


-I've been typing that phrase everywhere that I can.

-And standing on the roof of our house screaming it

-I may hire a sky writing plane.

-I'm so excited to be in the light at the end of a nine month tunnel.

-I think this house shall be my third child. It will be a girl and I shall name her Zoe

-I have to go pack some more

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Still here

So I am alive. I have been packing non-stop for days. Our house is getting so empty! We are all sleeping on air mattresses except for out Bear who still has his luxurious crib. No furniture in the living room, either. Bean bag chairs and couch cushions for our little tushies to rest on. I'm writing this in the floor because my desk is in storage. But all of that is ok because WE GOT OUR HOUSE!!!! Found out yesterday, God's timing was LONG but perfect and since it was so long the bank wanted a new appraisal that came in lower than the original and knocked 15k off of the price we last offered. WOO HOO!!! Well....back to packing. Hopefully I will be back with a more interesting post soon

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Cute Baby Stuurday (a different kind of baby)

 So the hubby and I spent about $60 on lumber and built this baby

I painter her an antique white then I gave her a little sandpaper and stain lovin

Like this


Here she is in her temporary home. She will have some cozy new bedding to keep her company in the new house.

A different kind of baby this week but I'm almost as proud of this one as I am of the two real babies I made....almost.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Nite Leftovers: The "you'll never eat doughnuts again" edition

- Thanks to Jen, I've decided I want to give this blog thing a real go, with linking and buttons and followers, OH MY!

-So far it still has not inspired me to post every day. I just don't feel like I have that much to say. This started as a way for me to remember all the funny things that are said and done around here everyday. It seems like as soon as I started blogging, they stopped happening.

-We took a break from packing today to go to a play date at Wibef's house. Squish was in rare form and did not get to continue on with the play date when everyone went for a pizza lunch. Jen was so kind to give him some homemade doughnuts for the ride home. The doughnuts were gone before we got on the interstate and he screamed at us for the next 20 minutes.

- I can not get this sound out of my head "I WANT DOUGHNUTS! GIVE ME SOME DOUGHNUTS NOW!"

-I have a horrible parenting moment to confess, I had half of a doughnut left and I showed it to him and then threw it out the window. I feel bad but I told him if that's how doughnuts were going to make him act then he would never get to eat doughnuts again. Way to make a threat I can't ever follow through on. His screams trapped in the car got to me and I had a "bad mom" morning.

-Things are going better after nap time and I'm hoping we all make it through til dinner without killing each other.

-We will never again spend 3 consecutive days cooped up in the house....this threat I WILL follow through with.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Haven't posted much in the last few days...I'd like to blame it on packing but really, I'm just not super good about posting everyday. But this time I really have been packing from sun up to sun down and just too tired to do anything that requires thought after I put the boys to bed. That's why I'm blogging in the morning today! This morning when Squish woke up he kept saying that he was hot. He didn't feel feverish but he was super lazy and floppy. So I asked him if he wanted to come snuggle in my bed and watch cartoons with me. It was awesome. I could tell he wasnt' really sick so I didn't have to worry about that and I got 45 mins of snuggle time with my busy busy 3 year old. I can't remember the last time he was still and snugly. It was totally worth sitting through an episode of Cat in the Hat.

The house is getting empty. Yesterday I did the Nursery. After I was done I sat in my rocker and cried for a minute. I'm so glad to be moving but I really do love this house. And that was the room I brought both of my babies home to, where I rocked them to sleep and slept in their floor for the first few weeks of their life. It's where Squish took his first steps and where little Bear smiles up at me from his crib every morning and gives me the most adorable "HI!" in the world. I'm glad to be going but it will be hard to leave the first home we bought and the only one my kids have ever known. I wish we could just buy some land and take our house with us!

Well, breakfast is coming to a close for these boys which means that my internet time is over for now. On to my closet (this will be the toughest project yet!)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Crunch time

So we rented the house...
And they are moving in August 1st....
And we are moving out ....

Seriously, we are moving out and we don't know where we're going. We are looking at options to rent here, or in the big city, or anywhere in between. But what it looks like is that the boys and I will be moving down south for a bit to stay with Lou's parents. I'm not entirely thrilled with this prospect, mostly because Lou won't be coming and I will miss him terribly. That also means I'll be a single mom for a bit which is never easy. And the in-laws aren't super set up to accept two toddlers so we'll have to be very creative. Also Squish and I don't get along really well when we are cooped up indoors with nothing to do for too many days in a row. In doors with nothing to do is pretty much your only option in a town that requires you to drive 45 minutes into the next state just to go to walmart.

So, the adventure continues.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Nite Leftovers (The "guess who figured out how to link" edition)

-I'm tired of near misses on our house. We had a couple come look at it Monday that seemed really interested. The guy was even asking us how soon we could be out. They were supposed to let us know something before the left for vacation (today) and we still have not heard.

-Also, I hate people who don't follow through. I can't count how many times possible buyers, renters or real estate agents have told me "I'll call you and let you know" and they never do. I'm starting to feel like everybody's slutty college one night stand. "I'll call you baby." Yeah right

-Ok enough of the downer stuff. I've been getting a lot of great work done on the house. I made a super cute wreath and address sign for the front of out house (also painted those SHUTTERS on the front porch)

-Squish is spending a couple of days at Gaggi and Pops house. I'm hoping to make a headboard while he's gone. It may be a pipe dream....

-Even though she's almost the only person who reads it, I want to thank Jen for making my blog all new and pretty. And all I had to do was help her build a play fridge for Dibits.

-Well, I guess the Bear should be waking up soon. Though if history is any indicator he will sleep til next Tuesday because I actually want him to wake up so we can go to Home Depot

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