Saturday, February 25, 2012

Catching up a bit

So we finally moved into this house. It took a year to do it but...yay! We love the new town, we love the new house, we love living so close to the grandparents. We don't love the long commute Daddy has to work (120 miles a day!) But it's a trade off and there are more positives than negatives. Still a lot to do getting things set up and decorated, but it is cozy and happy with bare naked walls.
We havn't had internet access since October so there is obviously a lot that has happened that I have not documented.

Squish has taken to picking out his own clothes every morning (and about 15 more times throughout the rest of the day) His sense of style is certainly unique.

We had a wonderful frist Christmas in the new house. Bear was NOT a fan of the mall Santa.

The boys were Crazy sick the whole month of January. One or both of them was throwing up every few days. On one of the healthy days they did some sidewalk chalk with Gaggi. Squish drew trashcans next to everyone so they had somewhere to throw up. This is his self portrait...he is vomiting :)

See....crazy sick. That is my little squish having a CAT scan. They thought he had a blockage but it turns out that he was just severly impacted and seriously backed up. Which is why there was so much vomit. if it couldn't come out one end.....   He did lots of antibiotics and laxitives and fruits and veggies.  Some people are just joing when they say that thier kid is ful of S@*#. Me....not so much!

Little Bear will be two next month. I am preparing for the mother of all super hero birthday parties. Teir may be some mommy guilt working overtime for the fact that I cancelled his first birthday party. These are the invitations that took me 3 days to make. I have been painting cardboard buildings and making superhero capes and masks for all of his little friends to wear. I hope it's going to be well attended.

Obviously lots of other things have happened that will be interspersed in out of order and as after thoughts.