Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Nite Leftovers: The "you'll never eat doughnuts again" edition

- Thanks to Jen, I've decided I want to give this blog thing a real go, with linking and buttons and followers, OH MY!

-So far it still has not inspired me to post every day. I just don't feel like I have that much to say. This started as a way for me to remember all the funny things that are said and done around here everyday. It seems like as soon as I started blogging, they stopped happening.

-We took a break from packing today to go to a play date at Wibef's house. Squish was in rare form and did not get to continue on with the play date when everyone went for a pizza lunch. Jen was so kind to give him some homemade doughnuts for the ride home. The doughnuts were gone before we got on the interstate and he screamed at us for the next 20 minutes.

- I can not get this sound out of my head "I WANT DOUGHNUTS! GIVE ME SOME DOUGHNUTS NOW!"

-I have a horrible parenting moment to confess, I had half of a doughnut left and I showed it to him and then threw it out the window. I feel bad but I told him if that's how doughnuts were going to make him act then he would never get to eat doughnuts again. Way to make a threat I can't ever follow through on. His screams trapped in the car got to me and I had a "bad mom" morning.

-Things are going better after nap time and I'm hoping we all make it through til dinner without killing each other.

-We will never again spend 3 consecutive days cooped up in the house....this threat I WILL follow through with.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Try doing Calliope's Summer Camp to get you started blogging every day. A good prompt can be really useful. :)

Oh, no. Doughnuts.

Laura said...

Don't you hate when the threat leaves your lips and you realize you won't be following through on it. I hate that.

Courtney said...

Yes Laura! I have tried so hard not to make the kind of threat I can't follow through on. I try not to make too many threats period, but the ones I make...I want them to carry a big stick!

Barbara Manatee said...

Stopping by from FNL.

I like our days better when we have things to do, too. My kids and myself are used to being busy and on the go...and when we are cooped up at home for too long, we all get antsy and grumpy.

I'd have done the same thing with the doughnut (although I'd have likely also regretted saying something I knew I probably wouldn't follow through on.) Ugh, parenting's tough!!

Kristin said...

Here from FNL...don't beat yourself up for your bad parenting moment. We've all had them.

Hope your weekend was better than your Friday.

Danifred said...

I totally thought you were going to say that you ate the last piece of doughnut. That's what this bad mommy would have done :)

Holly said...

lmao! that is the best!