Monday, August 15, 2011

Almost home

I think we should hear something about the house by the end of the week.....I hope. That's the idea, at least, that our realtor is giving us. We went by the house today and took some measurements. While we were there we made a super deal on the almost brand new pool that the current owner just put up in the back yard. I'm really excited about it, plus I think it may help Squish settle in to the new place. We are getting ready to head back down to the country after our stint at my parents house. We came in for my birthday, the first several hours of which I spent at the hospital with Gaggi and Pop. He passed out in the middle of the night and broke 3 of them punctured a lung. It was high drama around here for awhile. I told my mom that if she had been thinking clearly she would have let me ride in the ambulance with Dad, it was my birthday after all.
Squish has taken up a new phrase lately "you never know." He sounds so cute when he says it. He also sounds cute when he says "how many times I have to tell you" but I can't let him know I think it's cute cause he usually says it when he's pitching a fit. (You know, like "I NEED some chocolate milk, Mommy. How many times I have to TELL you!" And to think I used to be so excited about his verbal communication :)

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HereWeGoAJen said...

I'm glad your dad is doing okay.

I am really excited about the pool too!