Saturday, January 29, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

The house showed this week...yay. The realtor said the wife really liked it, seems to me that when looking at houses, she's the vote you hope for.

The top is catching up, Bear cut two new teeth this week. One on Wednesday and one on Friday.

We went to visit the family I used to Nanny for...boy do I miss that job. I was there so often that when I go back it makes me feel homesick. Squish played so great with their youngest son that it really made me sad not to be there anymore. They used nets to catch butterflies and make me eat them.

Baseball season starts on

I love Friday nights because I can stay up late knowing that my wonderful hubby will get up for "man time" with the boys....thus letting me sleep in until around 9:30. It's glorious

Squish is finally starting to be nicer to his brother, he invites him into his imaginary world occasionally and is starting to beat him less when he's there:)

If Bear keeps teasing me on this walking thing I'm going to lose my mind. He'll look at me, smile, sway, then drop down and crawl at rocket speed.

After Squish stayed up Thursday nite until 12:45, he then didn't take a Friday nap. He did pretty well, though. He usually gets pretty monster-y without enough sleep.  I think Wibef kept him pretty happy while she was here.

Well.......fingers crossed on the house selling. It would mean a scramble to find somewhere to live until we hear back about the house we put an offer on. But I'd rather make that scramble than the one where we scramble to pay the mortgage on two houses!


Danifred said...

I hope your house sells quickly, especially since there is nothing worse than having to maintain a house with small children and people traipsing in and out.
Where will you be moving? Are you staying in the area you are in now?

HereWeGoAJen said...

I hope the house sells quickly! And then you should look in my neighborhood.

Courtney said...

I would Jen but you're still a little too far from the city:)

D- We're moving closer to my parents. About 45 mins from where we are now. Hopefully. This whole short sale business is wearing me down!