Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another day in the looney bin

So we put up these baby gates in the livingroom to keep Bear away from the TV area and out of the kitchen. Other than that the boys have the run of our very large living/dining room. As a testament to the true insanity that our house has become Squish broke out the toy pliers and started using them on the babygate like a criminal would use bolt cutters on a chain link fence. So it's not just me...everybody wants out!

Broke out of the house for a bit today and went to Walmart. Got a super cool toy truck and track set for the boys. They have tons of stuff from Christmas but I thought it might shake things up around here to have something new, plus it was a super deal. Probably a $50 toy on sale for $10. Squish loved it, even broke out the phrase "wowee kadowee" which I've never heard before.  No idea where he picked that up.

Bear used his walker to take 2 laps around the livingroom today. I think he'll be walking soon. I wonder if that will improve his relationship with his big brother.

Squish is really putting his own spin on the concept of sharing. His version is to yell "share!" at whoever has the toy he wants and then promptly yanks the toy out of their hand.

And one final nite cap...just went to tuck Squish in (for like the 5th time tonight!) and he stuck his finger in the air and said "Look Mommy! I got something out of my nose."  Ahhh the joys of motherhood.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Obviously, he was trying to break out and come over here. Elizabeth started telling me today that "I want to go in Mama's car." She never says that. Obviously she is getting super bored.