Thursday, January 27, 2011

Been gone so long....

Wow! I've gotten so behind I don't know where to start.

Both boys loved the aquarium on Monday. Squish got to touch the sharks, starfish and rays. I was very proud of him, he was a little timid about it at first but then he really got into it. Bear really loved it too, he went into a trance in front of the huge tanks. There was hardly anyone there so we got to get really close to all the exhibits, so up close and personal with penguins!

I worked Tuesday and Wednesday so the boys spent the day with Gaggi. Not much to report here, since I wasn't with them. It's been a long while since I worked so it was pretty tough being away from them. But it's nice to see that the Bear is doing better when I'm not around, he even napped for 2 hours on Wednesday!

Our house showed tonight for the first time (here's hoping we have beginners luck!) So I spend the day cleaning. Squish started back to school, time to really get back into the routine that has been missing since before Christmas. Bear and I played and cleaned and then went to get Squish. He pitched a fit about getting into his carseat, he wants to ride upfront. I'd love to see what would happen to me if I got caught letting my 2 year old do that!

We had a sitter come over so I could get a good couple of hours in cleaning. It was a new girl, but she was great. I kept hearing Squish say "I love you, I love you" She played Swords with him and when she came into the living room so we could pay her he came running after her with his sword yelling "Get back in my room!" We took him for a happy meal (gasp!) while the couple came to see the house. While he was eating he looked at me and said "you're pretty Mommy, and I will say hubba. Hubba hubba hubba!" It warms my hear when my 2 year old gives me cat calls:)

I gave him a cookie when we got home, ,he said "I am not a mouse. If you give a mouse a cookie...he will probably maybe want some milk."

Noah learned to sign more and eat and shake his head "no" while at Gaggi's house. She teaches my boys so much. I'm thinking about spending their college funds on designer jeans and just sending them to live with her for 4 years after high school....

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HereWeGoAJen said...

And if you give him milk, he will probably want a straw.