Friday, January 14, 2011

Fear not my child

Squish has decided that he's scared in his room tonight. He keeps calling Lou and me in to "protect him." I tried giving him "super puppy" (the super hero dog that has worked wonders before) then I gave him my favorite pillow AND my blanket (that doubles as a shield and turns you invisible...obviously) and then it came to me.... Jesus.

So we talked about how Jesus would always be there to protect him and that he could talk to Jesus and ask Him to stay in his room all night. So we prayed...."Squish, say what mommy says" I tell him

M- Dear Jesus
S- Dear Jesus
M- Please come into my room
M- (while trying not to giggle) and stay with me all night long
S- and stay all night
and they all said AMEN  :)

as I was leaving I told him that Jesus was in his room and he could talk to him if he wanted. While shutting the door I heard him say "I love you Jesus"

May you come to know His name well my son and call upon it often


HereWeGoAJen said...

So Wibef wasn't cutting it anymore, huh?

I am pretty sure that there is a VeggieTales show about God being bigger than the boogieman. It's called Where's God When I'm Scared? or something like that. It's been a while since I was teaching bible to little ones but I am pretty sure that's it.

Mummies nummies said...

How sweet!!!