Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!!

They warned us....and the grocery store shelves were barren. There is no milk, no bread left in the region.....IT HAS SNOWED IN THE SOUTH!! Rednecks have gassed up their pick up trucks and the whole state smells of chilli. But the best part is that I get to be hunkered down in my house with my favorite boys (all 5 of them)  Last night the flakes began around 9pm and by 10:00 everything was white.  Lou thought this an appropriate time to go wake up Squish, I heard some commotion in his room and walked in to find them both hanging out the window.  Thought I'd never get the little man back to bed, ended up having to cut out paper snowflakes and hang them from his ceiling so it was "snowing in his room too."  We went outside to play twice, the coming in part never went well. It was an interesting snow day, though, because on top of the snow was a thick layer of ice. It made snow play difficult, but it made cookie sheet sledding AWESOME! Lou stood ready like the catcher in the rye while squish barrelled down the hill in our front yard grinning from ear to ear.
Bear just cut his fourth tooth, it's on the bottom...making the arrangement 2 up and 3 down. It looks super funny, does not tickle when he chomps down though!
Squish is more sassy by the minute. Tonight he tried to get Lou to play swords with him but Lou was intent on unloading the diswasher first (be jealous ladies...this happens all the time.)  He finally had to throw in the towel when Squish started yelling "fight me like a man, fight me like a man!" You can't say no when your 2 year old questions your manhood.
I brought the Bear in to say goodnight (we are still trying to get Squish to acknowledge his existance.)  He kissed him on the forehead and said "night night....I'll be playing....all night long!"  Never too soon to try to make the little brother jealous I guess.

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