Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Playdate day!!

Today was playdate day. I love playdate day. Isaac really enjoys his playdate friends, they are all very sweet to Noah even though he is younger, and I really like the other moms. I'm actually pretty lucky when it comes to playdates. I've heard some pretty bad stories and my only complaint is that I live a little far away, but I live a little far from everything. That can effect our naptime, but the gals drive to me pretty often so it works out well.

We went to a new house today and all the way there Squish and I practiced saying "Thank you for inviting me to your house." He managed to get out "Thank you for biting my house" I think they got the point though.

Both boys took a pretty good nap today, which is always nice.

As I was changing a dirty diaper on Bear, Squish looked in the closet and found a surfboard that Pop made for him. It was for his 1st birthday party, which had a beach party theme. I asked Pop to make a very simple plywood surfboard. I imagined a flat piece of wood with a little stripe down the middle.  Boy was wrong. What I got was something so nice that it will never thrown away (I think it's Pops way of getting back at me for making him stuff that was too cute to be thrown away) It has a picture of Isaac drawn on it. It's curved up at both ends...the thing might just be sea worthy if it wasn't too pretty to put in the water. He was pretty excited to see it and asked if he could play with it. This was a tough decision for me, I didn't want him to break it. But he had a blast surfing, we called Pop to tell him that it was being put to good use.

Bear was wide awake when I put him to bed tonight. He's getting much better at this, I kind of miss holding his little limp body while he sleeps. But I sure do love all the extra rest and free time I'm getting. And I know it really is good for him to establish good sleep habits. I'm ready for them to be established enough that he can come to family sleep over night...although I'm not sure how we'll make that work with 4. Already Squish takes up all the room when he snuggles in our king size bed!


HereWeGoAJen said...

I really think that you should move to my street and then you won't be far away any longer.

Courtney said...

that would be nice :)

Mummies nummies said...

Love the picture! and the "bite my house!" oh man! too funny!