Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A little bit nakey

Back to the daily grind today. I've been on the phone with Realtors and lending companies and everybody else all day long. Sure hope we get this house after all the work I'm putting into it!

Even though I tried to talk Lou into quitting his job, going on welfare and staying home with us all the time...he went back to work. We missed him but it was also nice getting back to a routine.

Squish happily fell back into pre-school. He's going two days a week and seems to like it a lot. He must have had a pretty runny nose today...he imitates whatever has happened to him and when he got in the car he got a napkin out of the glove box, wiped my face and said "you have snot mommy"

It was pretty fun hanging around the house with Bear today while Squish was a school. He took a 30 min. nap which is the first break I've had in awhile. Sometimes I think I'd trade a million pints of Ben and Jerrys for an established nap time.

He usually fusses til he falls asleep, today he just gave up, bent over and sacked out.

It was a super tough decision for me about fixing him. I was worried if I left him that way he'd loose all blood flow to his toes, but I was also worried that if I moved him he would wake up, thus putting a stop to my much needed break. In the end I decided that his needs are more important than mine (Again) and unfolded him. He stayed asleep for about 30 more minutes...win, win.

Squish has been excited lately about being "a little bit nakey"  On the way to church Sunday he told us that "One day I will have a girl....and I will be a little bit nakey" I have NOOO idea where he got that from but fellas....lock up your daughters. Tonight he ran from Lou (who was trying to accost him with pajamas) screaming "I want to be a little bit nakey, I want to be a little bit nakey!" Wonder where we can get a little toddler trench coat.
He is also really becoming interested in God and Jesus. I'm more excited about this than the nakey thing. He prays every night and asks Jesus to come into his room and spend the night with him. At least that's what I tell him to pray for, whatever it is that comes out is incomprehensible. He is usually pretty articulate (as far as two year olds go) but when he prays I can't make out anything. I'm choosing to believe that he is just very spiritually advanced and is praying in tongues.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

I bet if he started losing blood flow to his toes, he would have unfolded himself. So I vote you can leave him that way next time. Elizabeth loves sleeping all folded up in the corner of her crib.