Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Nite Leftovers

Whenever Squish hurts a friend I always make him go to the friend and repeat after me as I say "Sorry friend...I should not hit/push/take toys...from you"
Lou tells me it's silly and that forcing him to say it doesn't make him mean it.
I endure.
Today he pushed Wibef, when I took his hand and led him to her he said (UNPROMPTED) "Sorry Wibef...I should not push you"
I swelled with pride (and bragged to Lou)

Bear took at TWO HOUR NAP!!

Bear has 3 words. Mama, Dada, and Bye bye.
He said them in that order.
I swelled with pride (and bragged to Lou)

I love my friend Jen. I had to go to LLL meetings while I was getting certified as a lactation educator. She is the best thing that came of them (her and getting certified!)
Squish loves Jens daughter Wibef.
Wibef loves my son Bear.
There could be trouble down the road.

The other day I showed Squish that I can do a cartwheel.
He keeps asking me to "do a fartwheel"

Well....I suppose that's all I have for my first attempt at friday nite leftovers. Per Jen's instructions I will mosey on over to Danifred's blog and add myself to the list


HereWeGoAJen said...

Wibef loves both boys and you. If I ask her about any of the three of you, she immediately and strenuously adds the other two to the list. I think she just gives the baby more attention when we are there because he ignores her.

Courtney said...

I know....I think it's cute:) And he's not going to be ignoring much longer, I don't think. He was really trying to get in there with them today. Stupid kids growing up...we're going to have to do something about that

Danifred said...

You are so sweet to change your settings! But, this is AWESOME! Now, I can comment :)
I can't remember what I originally commented before Google ate it, but I do adore "fartwheel." I think that's the new official name.