Monday, January 31, 2011

Saving Charlie Brown

We are in Smyrna for the week staying with my parents. I'm working in a kindergarten class and the boys are hanging out with Gaggi.  Squish got hold of a splatter screen that Gaggi uses when she fried okra and played with it for quite some time. It looks like a big magnifying glass. He waled around looking through it and saying "Bery imperious" we think he was either going for "very interesting" or "very mysterious" but with that one you never can tell.

Bear is still trying to settle into life at Gaggi and Pops. Squish would quickly sell me down river to be with my mom, but Bear is loyal. He never strays. And he and Gaggi daily work out the issues that come with my little attached man.

I took Bear to the store to get a few things and when I got back I heard Gaggi yelling "hi-yah, hi-yah!" and Squish yelling at her "Come on! The giants have Charlie Brown. We have to save him!" Evidently he pulled her away from paying bills and made her go on his rescue mission. She was dubbed "Fiona" and made his side-kick. When Pop got home he wasn't greeted with a "hello there, how was your day" no, no...he got "Come on Pop! We need your help! They have Charlie Brown!" Pop was quick to suit up, as a long time fiercely loyal peanuts fan. Such an imagination my little one has. I think he gets it from his daddy.

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Danifred said...

How wonderful that your kids have such wonderful grandparents. It sounds like it's going to be a great week!