Friday, January 14, 2011

Another day in snowy paradise

Day number 7 of being snowed in. Still a little stircrazy but I think I will miss it when it's over. It's been especially nice having Lou around, would have gone crazy for sure without him!

Squish and I took to the porch today during Bears morning nap (which lasted a whole hour, thank you very much!) We did bubble foam, a super cool trick that I learned about on another blog. Cut the bottom off of a powerade bottle and attached and old washcloth-Made a bubble solution with water and dishsoap and let the fun begin. Bubble foam went everywhere when we blew in the top of the bottle...Squish sounded like he was playing a kazoo:) 

Squish got to look out the window today and wave to the paramedic that came to the house when he had his seizure a few months back. She was very sweet and waived back :)

After 10 months of wishing he would, Bear finally took a papi today (wish he would have done that during the colic months.)

Then he decided that conformity is not for him.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Ha! That pacifier picture is adorable.