Sunday, February 6, 2011

The weekend update

Seems that I never get around to blogging on the weekend. You'd think that with the hubby around I'd have more time for it but somehow it doesn't work that way.

Squish started sleeping in his "big boy bed" on friday night. He was staying up and playing and fussing about his movie. So I just thought "hey! Well take the crib rails off and see how it goes. It can't get worse" And it didn't! We're on day 3 now with 2 naps thrown in and he's so proud that he stays in bed and waits for a grown up to come get him. The few times we've had to go in and calm him down he has asked "you're not going to put the rails back??"

We had a super rough time today with him and Bear. Squish pushed him down for no reason so I sent him to his room and he kept telling me that he doesn't like Bear and that he's not his friend. It breaks my heart to hear him say that, and I know he doesn't really mean it but it still kills me. So I told him that our family loves each other and doesn't hurt each other and that if he didn't want to be a part of our family then he could stay in his room by himself. So that's what he chose to do for about 20 mins. I made him hug Bear before he could come out and tell him that they were brothers and would protect each other and be friends their whole life. Maybe if he keeps saying it it wil happen....

We went to Chuch E Cheese again this morning. Wibef wasn't there, we thought the world would implode, but it didn't:) We certainly hope to see her next time though.

Isaac is getting into Diego. We are happy to finally see him identify with a male character. I don't know how much longer Lou could listen to his first born son running through the house yelling "I am Dorothy" or "I am Jesse" or "I'm a balerina!" :)

Bear continues to hold tight to the half hour nap. It will be the death of me.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Wibef was sad to miss you guys. And I realized that we won't be there next week or the next because of our trip.

Danifred said...

I'm so happy you had a good transition to the big boy bed. Whew! (Can you send Squish over to teach Bean a thing or two?)