Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jellystone Park

I am a bad blogger because I have no pictures. I discovered that all the pictures I've been e-mailing from my phone are running up my phone bill. Hubby isn't too thrilled with that. And since I use his work computer I can't download my camera software to it. So I can't post the great pictures I took of our super great day yesterday.

We went to Jellystone park, which I should have known about way sooner. It was $9 for our whole family to get in and we had such a great time! Squish played on several different playgrounds, Bear sat in the mulch and played with sticks (he's always super content to do that) Then we went to the reptile show where squish got to pet lizards and snakes and all kinds of gross stuff. Bear got to sit and talk to a turtle. Squish got to sit on the back of a HUGE tortoise. He thought it was the coolest thing ever. We got to ride the train (or as Squish calls it the "sue-sue sane") We had a little picnic lunch and then headed home for nap. Special thanks to Jen who sent me home with her cookie pie. The only way we could coax Squish to the car was to promise him a bit of "soc-wet pizza"

Once we got home from this big adventure Bear napped for 40 minutes, which I call a win (unfortunately) An Squish had to be woken up at 4:00!

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Sounds fun!

I will try to think of a solution for your camera problem. I have a couple of ideas.