Friday, February 18, 2011

friday nite leftovers

-Squish has developed this really REALLY country accent on is "ow" words. He says it like A-yow (with an emphasis on the long A) so he'll say things like "are we going to out hayows (house) or put me dayown (down)." I'm so unsure as to where he picked this up. I have a bit of twang, but it's nothing that bad!

-We did a play date with the little boys I used to keep today. Squish had so much fun it made me almost depressed that i don't work there anymore. His life would be magic if he could play with those boys 3 times a week. And mine would be magic if I was making a little money!

-I said this once this week but it bears repeating. If I knew I was dying and had to write a bucket list right now....Among other things it would include these three: brush my teeth before noon, take a shower two days in a row, poop without a two year old at my feet. It's gross, but true

-I got a lot of sewing done this week, turns out that Bear digs his pack-n-play, which I never expected. He spent about 40 minutes in there while Squish was at school and I did some sewing for a friends baby shower.

-Lou has decided that his favorite evening activity is watching me play Mario Brothers on the Wii. My thumb throbs as I fall asleep each night.

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Danifred said...

My bucket list would also include eating an entire meal without having to get out of my seat even once :)