Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Desperately seeking a nap

As I write, Bear has just woken up from his third consecutive 30 minute nap.  He was up twice last night and then up for the day today at 5:45. I have exhaused my options, and my sanity. With Lou coaching baseball and leaving before the boys get up and then not returning home til after they've gone to be, nap time is literally the only break I get all day long...and 30 minutes just wont cut it. I can see him on the monitor, rocking and crying and laying down...but never going back to sleep. I even gave him some benedryl today (an option I don't often employ but I am desperate). To add to the insanity, he is waking his brother up, which makes for some really tough afternoons. I've tried gentle solutions, I've tried reading every stinkin book out there, I've tried cry it out. NOTHING has worked to get this child to nap. And I could eventually resign myself to this if he wasn't so miserable to be around when he's tired.

In keeping with my plan to get out of the house as much as possible, we went to pre-school story time at the library today. I was hoping to meet a couple of other stay at home moms and maybe find a little boy playmate for Squish. We were the only boys in the room, it seems like it's always that way. As per usual, Squish latched on to a little girl and played like crazy. And I think that's wonderful but my little man has nothing in his life except for little women. Thankfully at the very end a mom walked in with two little boys. We talked and I'm hopeful for some play dates, which lets face it, are the saving grace for the sanity of stay at home moms everywhere.


Danifred said...

I soooooo feel your pain. Tot is growing out of naps and all I want during the day is an hour (or three) to get some things done. Ugh.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Remind me to tell you about what (eventually) worked for Elizabeth during her horrible period of thirty minute naps.

Are you coming to my house next Friday? I sent you an email a while ago. It's the first day in ages that all four of us are free, so there will be some boys to play with. Elizabeth will be totally outnumbered.