Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jesse the Outlaw

After weeks of enduring his shrieking about it, I broke down and got Squish a Jesse doll. He has Buzz and Woody, so it's only fair that the set be complete. He got it yesterday when he got home from Gaggi and Pop's house. He was super excited all day. And then it happened...Lou made a rookie mistake and let squish take Jesse (the TOY, complete with pull string voice box) to bed with him. I knew if I tried to reverse this decision I would succeed at two things    1.make my two year old hate me (thus solidifying my status as "bad cop" and Lou's status as "man who works for me and gives me whatever I want")    2.start up a screaming fit that was sure to wake Bear (and probably the rest of the street.)  So I said nothing, and I listened to Squish and Jesse's adventures until he finally fell asleep at 10:00.

At 3am I am awakened by the shrill voice of Joan Cusack "YEE HAW!!!" and I listened to the adventures of Jesse and Squish until 4am. This time I gave Lou an earful about making decisions as a father, not as a friend and reminded him that since he won't be home for the rest of the week I will be the one who gets to fight the battle of "No Jesse in bed" probably everynight. Thanks for that, dad.

At 6am....you guessed it. The posse saddled up to ride again. I'm thinking of posting reward posters.

My saving grace is that he has somehow managed to bust the battery cover off the back of her head and now she can't talk. Sometimes it's glorious to have rough little boys.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Another one of my favorite bloggers has the same Jessie in the crib problem. It's how she figures out that her daughter has woken up in the morning.

Danifred said...

I don't know if I could take that voice yeeeee hawwwwww'ing at all hours of the day and night :)