Thursday, February 24, 2011

Don't they know how important I am??

I realize that my little corner of the world is a small one. I realize that only within these four walls do I matter more than all else. I realize that the world outside of these walls is not going to stop turning just because I need a break and my boys need to sleep.

But for the love of God, this racket has to stop! As I type (and the little Bear cries) there are men in the yard behind us cutting down a MASSIVE pine tree. There is no hope of my cranky baby getting a nap, every time he settles down they rip out a chain saw. And of course this project can't be done without a sufficient amount of yelling at the guy in the top of the tree. They just pulled the largest branch right down on the deck, taking the whole side rail can bet that stirred things up around here.

These people have no respect for my sleep. They let their dogs bark all day and night. When I was fighting the pregnancy insomnia (both pregnancies) I got to lay in bed for hours in the dead of night listening to it.

I am not a girl who expects the world to revolve around my children. We don't let Squish run like a fool through stores and restaurants. We quietly sneak out if Bear gets fussy during church. I am discreet when I breastfeed in public.  So I'm thinking, if I make all those adjustments the rest of the time... why can't I just ask people to shut down their lives for naptime like we do??

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HereWeGoAJen said...

That's awful! You can let them nap here tomorrow if you want, it is usually fairly quiet. And I have pie.