Friday, February 18, 2011

The calm after the storm

This post is supposed to be for days are running together trying to get it all done!

I've been doing some cry it out with the little Bear. I did not come upon this lightly or without trying everything else first. It's heart breaking to hear him crying in his room, but I know he is a child who needs sleep because he's such a miserable son of a gun when he doesn't get it. Going in to get him is one of my favorite parts of the day. He isn't mad at me, he doesn't look scarred for life. He just reaches up for me, knowing that we are about to go sit in th rocker in the quiet corner of his room and snuggle.  When he has been sufficiently snuggled we play the cutest game. I lay the rocker back and sit him on my belly and he gets this super cute grin just before he spreads his arms, throws himself down on my chest and hugs me.Squish wasn't a hugger this early so I feel like it's a special treat to get hugs from an 11 month old. Then he starts in on the kisses, which are really just wide open mouth/slobber on your face things that are totally gross and really make my day.

Squish got his hair cut yesterday. Lou had all he could take of hearing how pretty our little girl is. The girl who cut it had blue streaks in her hair and I asked Squish if he was going to get blue hair too. For the rest of the day I heard about how upset he was because "that gurl did not give me bue hair"


HereWeGoAJen said...

Wibef got her hair cut at Disney World and if she had wanted, she could have had blue hair when she was done. They did colored Mickey's on the back of the kids' heads.

Danifred said...

Blue hair does sound remotely cool. I bet my Tot would want purple though.