Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Nite Leftovers

- Last night I told Squish to clean the living room. I even gave him detailed instructions as to how he should go about cleaning the living room. He walked in, surveyed the mess, gave a HUGE sigh and said "Here goes nothing" I have no idea where he got that phrase from.

-Lou and I walked in to see him sleeping last night and the reality that he is really a little boy and not at all a baby anymore hit us like a load of bricks. It made my uterus hurt.

- I have this fear that my Squish is going to be a player when he's in his teenage years. He is such a proficient flirt at this tender can be going nowhere good.

- At our play date today Bear pushed around this very light and not at all steady kid sized stroller frame...further solidifying my belief that he can, in fact, walk. He's just choosing not to to spite me.

-We are contemplating a trip to the circus this weekend (insert your comments about the mistreatment of the animals here____) I think Squish would love it but I'm not sure how well Bear would do sitting for that long.  It is always fun to do this kind of stuff because Lou grew up in a super small town and has never done any of it either, so it's like taking 2 kids for the first time and seeing their excitement.

- This sometimes becomes a problem, because Lou tends to get very distracted by shiny things. So it's like taking 2 kids for the first time and having to keep them looking forward, walking in a straight line, not running into people, staying with mommy....I'm thinking one of the kiddie leashes would be a good thing for both of them.

-I'm so looking forward to Lou being home for a couple of days...this parenting by yourself thing is for the birds. I'm not looking forward to two more months of it.

-Since I'm parenting by myself, I have no energy to cook anymore. I feel like all my boys ever eat anymore is chicken nuggets and fish sticks. That heavens for play dates at Jen's house so they can get some variety in their diet. Lou and I have had frozen pizza twice this week and I believe well go for number 3 tonight. And there will be wine....and Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Ahh bed time, I can hear your seductive voice calling my name right now.

For more leftovers, go check out Danifred...who is far cooler than I


HereWeGoAJen said...

Hmm, did you notice during dessert when he finished his pie and then moved over to Elizabeth's empty seat and ate the rest of her pie? Variety in the diet, indeed. ;)

Courtney said...

I did notice that...was hoping noboby else did. I let it slide cause he ate the broccoli

Mrs. Z said...

Coming over from leftovers...I also hate when the hubby goes out of town! Oh, and I have a flirt too - waitresses are his favorite thing right now! I too fear the future...

Sarah said...

Popping in from FNL.

I have been a little lax in my cooking. Frozen pizza, fish sticks, grilled cheese, soup, etc are staples around here. This week I did well and cooked all but one day! I think I should get an award ;)

Being a "single" parent is rough. I look forward to the co-parenting days.

Danifred said...

What is it about a husband leaving that makes us not cook? I don't know about you, but my husband wouldn't REALLY care if I just didn't cook. Then again, I guess I've never really tried to ignore his dinner needs.