Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mommy Princess (a bullet-y blog)

Squish keeps bringing me a toy that he wants fixed (because he's making a game of breaking it) and saying "fix it Mommy Princess" Boy that kid has me figured out, I'd give him cake and booze for breakfast when he's being so sweet:)

Bear took a 45 minute nap today. He woke up and fussed several times but the key is HE WENT BACK TO SLEEP!

Squish wanted to be Woody today so he wore his cow print vest and cowboy hat to story time at the library. He was a hit.

No matter how many things I give Bear to put in his mouth that he is actually allowed to put in his mouth, the kid keeps trying to eat playdoh. This is why we can't often play with it.

Squish keeps telling me that Woody is "the tooty-est cowboy in the whole wide world" I realize that he's going for "rootin-est tootin-est" but I like this better.

He has dubbed his Pop as "the eagle emper zurt" (evil emperor Zurg...for when I read this in 10 years and have no idea what he meant)


HereWeGoAJen said...

Do I have to refer to you as Mommy Princess from now on?

Courtney said... a matter of fact you do.

Courtney said...

and if you have a problem with that I'll have Padawan Dibets waive her hand in your general direction and then you'll have no choice

Danifred said...

I think you should officially change your name to Mommy Princess. It's catchy!