Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Holy Crap!

So when I went to get Squish up from his nap Saturday afternoon I was met with a nasty little surprise. He went to the potty and pooped right before he went down for nap but we still sleep him in a diaper because he has a little trouble waking up dry. I walked in to get him and was hit with the smell before I saw anything. Then when I looked up I saw my stinky little almost 3 year old COVERED in poop. I couldn't even see the skin on this kid's legs. And so was his bed, and so was his floor. And so were all of his stuffed animals. I said to him "What have you done?" and his reply was "I waked up poopy, Mommy. I waked up and I squeezed real hard and I pooped in my Wibef diaper. And then I wiped it on me." (He calls it a Wibef diaper because she is the first person he ever saw wearing cloth diapers, which is what he had on...making this whole fiasco even more fun.) So I call Lou and tell him I need lots of help. He walked in the door and wretched. He never handles this stuff very well. So I had to carry Squish to the shower where Lou used the detachable shower head to hose him down and I had to scrub down the room. It took hours to get rid of the smell. Here's hoping that this mess is a one time affair, cause if here ever waked up that nasty again I may just put him by the road and let the garbage men pick him up.

Also, I got the video camer and got some footage of this even...I'll be showing it to his prom date.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Showing the video to his prom date ought to be enough payback. :)

Courtney said...

It may very well make an appearance at his wedding too

Holly said...

Oh my, my greatest fear come true...I feel for you.