Friday, May 6, 2011

Friday Nite Leftovers

- Well, it has happened. They have conspired together to work against me. Squish and Bear were playing in Squish's room the other day and when I went in I found Bear running laps up and down Squish's bed. So I brought Bear back into the "baby trap" living room so he would be safe while I fixed lunch. Squish knows how to push the ottoman to the side and escape the baby trap. He yelled "Oh no! I need my Bear!" Then he came into the living room and jail broke his baby brother. He pushed the ottoman over and ran over to bear, grabbed his had and said "Come this way little buddy, I will get you out" I'm doomed

- He also played baseball with him today. I Squish go get his baseball hat and then say "good throw Bear" and then he rad off saying "Bear needs a baseball hat too"

- It's so nice to see him playing with his little brother...too bad it never seems to last.

-We had such a nice playdate at the park today. We all brought picnic food and shared and I was so proud of Squish for sitting on the blanket until he was done eating. A playground is a lot of temptation for a little fella.

-I'm getting more and more discouraged with the whole move. I am so desperate to get out of this town but during a talk about things last night Lou and I had to face the facts that we may still be living here at the start of next school year. I hate the prospect of that.

- I'm tired and not feeling super well so I think that's all for my leftovers this week. I'm a little boring, I know


HereWeGoAJen said...

And he was the ONLY one who stayed on the blanket! That is even more temptation.

Holly said...

So right, Jen!

No, you're not boring at all.

Love the stories about him breaking Bear out! When you meet Steve, can you tell them to HIM and maybe he will understand why Adam should have a little sibling!?!?

Courtney said...

Holly I would SOOO be your surrogate

Holly said...

Sure, can you conceive it, too?

Danifred said...

I love that Bear was broken out of baby jail. Having siblings who get along so well is both a blessing and a curse at times :)