Thursday, September 8, 2011


This will matter to noone but me. But that's ok because noone except Jen and Danifred read this, I think. So only 2 people will be bored.

When Squish was first learning to repeat words I taught him "Love you" but he always said "wuwee!" This is one of the childhood words that we have decided not to grow out of, we still say it to him, even though at 3 years old he can perfectly say "I love you." We like wuwee. Gaggi taught him several signs as he was growing up, one of them was the I love you sign. He couldn't do it and it always ended up as the peace sign, so he would put his two little fingers up and say "wuwee!"

Now little Bear has learned wuwee. He is so cute and so proud of himself when he says it. And he, too, can not do the I love you sign. His is more like the "ok" sign (I think that's what it is) He curls his little pointer finger down and tucks it at the base of his thumb with the other three fingers sticking straight up.

I think on their wedding day I will still be telling them wuwee.


Courtney said...

looking back...I should have type no one not noone:)

Heather said...

My kids have grown out of pretty much all of their cute words, but as long as I am alive they will live on, haha. One we still use all the time is "umwear". Our boy couldn't say underwear he said "umwear" instead. So now of course anytime I ask someone a question and they say "ummm" my first thought is always "umwear?".

Danifred said...

We still say things that Tot started long ago. Beebas are Fig Newton Bars and we frequently say soapa for soap.
I think it helps us preserve them as little forever!

HereWeGoAJen said...

That is so sweet. I love it. :)

We still use lots of words that Elizabeth made up. The main one is probably Dibits, but I still say ice-a-cream, even though Dibits started saying ice cream properly ages ago.

Holly said...

HEY! I read, too! I was not bored at all reading that!