Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Nite Leftovers

- I've been doing the master cleanse. I've lost four pounds since Tuesday and I'm cheating. I eat dinner every night because I can't wrap my mind around not eating for several days straight even if I am drinking enough calories to get by.

-Tonight I'm making this. I hope after I cook it that it will take a little less like beans. Cause right now, in it's uncooked state, that's pretty much what I'm getting from it.

-We had to push the closing date back on our house (again) Now it's October 31st, although they say it won't really take that long, we're just pushing it that for to be "better safe than sorry." I have no faith that it won't take that long because "better safe than sorry" is what I heard about the August 25th closing date AND the September 30th closing date.

- The boys are watching Tangled right now. I've never seen it but I've heard it's really cute. Hoping, thought that Squish will identify with the brooding hero, not the princess. We've had some issues with that already, which I wouldn't mind as an occasional thing...but he almost always goes for the girls part.

-Maybe I will tell him that he can't be Rapunzel because Wibef is :)

-I went $100 over on my cell minutes this month, which is shocking because just the other day I was thinking "I really haven't been using my phone much lately. Maybe I should drop back my plan to save some money." Guess I was way wrong about that. I did call the nice folks at Verizon, though, and they changed my plan retroactively so now it's only a $30 mistake. Way better, and Lou probably won't kill me now.

-I wish that I had not discovered master cleanse and pinterest at the same time. Too many good recipes when I'm not eating.

For more leftovers go Here and wish Danifred congrats for the blue that's headed her way


Jeni said...

Stopping by from FNL...and I've never done a cleanse before. Now that you are doing it, would you recommend it? Which one are you doing? Don't know that I'm brave enough to try that yet. Best wishes with getting a dependable closing date.

HereWeGoAJen said...

I'd heard that a closing on a house like yours takes 6 months and now I see that it is true.

Well, you might not use as many cell minutes when you can talk to people in person. So when you move back...

Danifred said...

Tangled is a big hit in our house, my husband thinks the horse is hilarious!

Courtney said...

Jeni- I did like the cleanse. I lost about 4 lbs on it, but I did miss eating :) I noticed that I had more energy, less headaches and was in a better modd while I was doing it.