Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Nite Leftover

- Awhile back at a playdate Jen mentioned to me that she thinks that we should tell our children "yes" more often. I didn't think too much of it at first and then one day I had a terrible time with Squish. Everything I told him was a HUGE battle. Then it occurred to me...what do I care if he holds his stuffed cat on the way to school instead of leaving it in his backpack? Is it really that big a deal if he wears his stinky cowboy boots for the 10 minutes between lunch and naptime? Is the world going to end if he has a peanutbutter and jelly sandwich AGAIN today?

- The other day he got up and said "I don't want breakfast, I want a snack" So I came back with "sure baby, how about a cereal and toast snack" Before Jen's comment I would have given him the old "No baby, it's not snack time. It's breakfast time and we're going to eat breakfast." But really, who cares if we call it a snack?

-This has made life much much easier. When I say no I mean no, but why say no to a bunch of things that don't matter much and have to fight all those extra battles??

-Also, has anyone else found that your child behaves much better if you pretend they aren't your child? I can't get Squish to clean up to save my life. But Kitty?? Kitty will clean the playroom in 10 minutes flat. And Squish doesn't want to eat anything new or heathy. But the giant monster? He will clear the poor city of chicken finger buildings and broccoli trees til his plate is clean....and then ask for more!

-I've been doing so well with not eating sweets except for this week. I started my period and you just can't fight that's chemical.

- The boys and I are leaving Tuesday to go stay with my parents for a week, which should be nice since that's where my husband lives:)

-While we're there my mommy is taking me to see Wicked!!! So psyched

-Levi should be walking in the door any minute now

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Danifred said...

Can't wait to hear about Wicked. I miss going out to do grown up things like plays. *sigh*

Every now and then I need to remind myself to lighten up a little with the girls. I find myself getting in a rut with them and I too, have to make that effort to just say yes.

Heather said...

Our oldest never wanted to hear that it was bedtime. I would say "come on Ashleigh, time for bed" and she would say "NO! I just want to take a nap". Fine with me as long as she went to sleep she could call it whatever she wanted haha. She would wake up in the morning and say "wow that was a good nap".