Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Squish!!!!

Today my little man turned three. It's very bittersweet. Partly because I'm starting to believe all those gals who tell me that three is worse than two. That attitude gets bigger as they do! But mostly my Squishy-tush is a sweet man who loves to laugh and make everyone around him do the same.  He is so tough and makes his daddy super proud every time he hits a baseball or plays his super imaginative games. They will set up epic battles with all of his "men" (in fact, that is what's happening in my living room right now, even though it's past bedtime....guess everybody parties on their birthday) Last night I snuck into his room and talked to him about the fact that this was the last time he would ever go to bed as a two year old. I said goodbye to my little two year old boy and told him that I was looking forward to meeting three year old Squish in the morning. Then I cried some.

This morning we had another special pancake breakfast (we're becoming big fans of special pancakes around here.) Jen taught me a super cool new way to do pancakes and here are today's results.

We played around the house and Gaggi and Pop sent a big balloon bouquet. As soon as Squish got his hands on it one of them popped and that sent him in a little tailspin but he pulled it together and had TONS of fun with his balloons. He has to keep them in his room cause little Bear wants to get his hands on them so bad he can taste it!

Then Jen and Wibef came for hot dogs on the grill.

There were also cupcakes.
 They liked the cupcakes.
A lot.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Happy birthday! We had such a fun time playing with you today. And we like cupcakes.