Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Back to the real world

We have been at the beach since last Thursday. It was wonderful. Gaggi and Pop have a condo right on the beach, and for us, you really can't beat the rates:) We went in Thursday morning and they came Sunday night. Here are some highlights....

- Going to the beach with two toddlers...NOT relaxing at all.
-Bear isn't even a little bit afraid of the water...not even a little bit. He would just get up and head to the ocean, all by himself. Not even pausing to wait for a grown up.
-One afternoon Bear got up and started walking back to the condo (it's quite a trek from the water up to the building) I kept turning him back towards our prime beach spot but every time I spun him he would start crying. He would walk a little farther up the beach and I would try to work him back down and he just kept getting more frustrated. Finally he started yelling POOW! POOW! and I figured out that he was trying to go to the pool.
-Squish and I were walking up to the main pool and as we walked through the smaller pool area there was an Arab family. He took off for the pool and I very quickly and slightly sharply said "No Squish, we aren't going to this pool!" I was saying it in that manner because my 3 yr old was running for the water while I was holding a huge bag and all of our towels and couldn't get to him fast enough to keep him from slinging his little non-swimming body into the deep end. But then I started to worry that the family there may have been offended and thought I wasn't staying there because of them. I became even more worried that we had offended them when Squish commented (VERY loudly) about the woman with the family who had her head wrap on "Mommy, that lady looks like Medusa!" All I could think was "This has international incident written all over it."
-We made a pit stop at Lou's parents house and that's where we are tonight.  I'm a little worried now. We spent 6 days at the beach, the last few with one set of Grandparents. Now we are visiting with another set of Grandparents. These kids may be horrible to live with once we get home where there is no pool, no sand, no ocean and worst of grandparents to spoil them!

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