Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Using his powers for evil

I try not to be one of those know, the ones who think their kid is some kind of super genius and obviously better than yours. But when it comes to mayhem, manipulation and general trouble kid is some kind of super genius and obviously better than yours.

He can find more ways to work the system than any other kid I've ever met. The other day he figured out that even though he can't work the childproof lock on the cleaning products cabinet, he CAN unscrew the knob on the cabinet and get in anyway. We're still working on colors with he does not know, but unscrew the knob and render the baby lock useless.....he's got that covered.

Today Gaggi came to help out (which was awesome!) and he kept eating the chips off of her plate at lunch. She told him to stop because it's rude to eat off of other peoples plates without asking. So he picked up his plate and said "let's trade Gaggi" he then proceeded to put his plate right up in her face and wave it around in such a manner that she had no choice but to take his plate. As soon as she touched his plate he said "ok now you give me yours" I understand that this is problem solving, and quite an exceptional skill for a 2 year old....but it really just seems like manipulation to me!


HereWeGoAJen said...

He is a genius.

Oh, and I talked to Holly today and she came up with fantastic real life examples of lots of prewalking and new walking babies having a great time on the playground, so you better come on Friday.

Courtney said...

we'll see how I'm feeling. We did the playground today and I'm about to die! The main thing I worry about is not being able to get Noah a little nap while were there, if he falls asleep on the way home I'm screwed. Of course all of that seems like a better option that staying in the house all day!