Monday, March 21, 2011

Catching up in bullets

What a weekend.. I never had any time to post but lots of cute things were said and done so I';m going to try to get it all in.

-On Thursday we were coming home from a playdate and I offered Squish a sucker. I gave him the old cliche "What do you say?" (obviously looking for please) what  got was "Bring it forth, Mommy."

-We got up Friday morning to head to Gaggi and Pops house for the weekend. Gaggi and I went to the big consignment sale and I got the summer wardrobe for both boys. Only spent $107...not a bad deal.

- I left my phone in the car and missed a very important phone call....for which I am feeling super guilty.

-When Squish woke up fro his nap he had a special surprise....his Wibef at Gaggi and Pops house (very out of the ordinary) He was super excited and they spent the rest of the day playing and acting as if the adults didn't exist.

- I did eventually put them to work pushing bubble mowers around the yard. Kids had so much fun with those's too bad there isn't a safe way to actually make them cut the grass.

- We decided to cancel Bears birthday party....which I' also feeling super guilty about. But he will never really know the difference.

-Instead we just had one family over for a cookout Saturday night. Squish and their daughter are pre-engaged (us parents really don't care what they have to say about that) and we blew up the big castle bounce house for them and let them have a blast.

-Gaggi made bear a birthday cake, complete with his own super cute little smashcake. He looked it over and whined at me because he wanted it but has always been told no about cake before. I told him it was ok and that he could eat he proceeded to lean over and stick his entire face in the cake. He really went to town on that thing. I can't believe he ever went to sleep! If I can figure out a way to get my camera to work I'll post some messy pictures

- On Sunday we were driving to church and we had to run a red light (we waited thru 3 cycles before we did it...don't judge us!) Lou said "we just broke the law on the way to church" and from the back seat Squish chimed in "AND NOW WE CAN"T GO!" Lou explained that Jesus would probably forgive us but Squish was adamant that we would try to get in but "Jesus will say NO!" and later he told me that Jesus is going to put us in his prison.


Danifred said...

You are right, he will never know the difference with the party! As long as there was playing and cake, that's all that matters :)

Barb said...

Your stories are really cute. :) And I agree about the party. E's 1st bday was just a playdate at the local mall's romping area with a couple close friends and some cookie cake.