Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Little Bear!!

One year ago today Lou and I got up on a slightly misty morning and headed to the hospital. I was induced at 8am. I spent the remainder of the morning watching trashy entertainment gossip TV and beginning to have contractions. At roughly 3:00 I pushed for 6 minutes and met the newest man in my life. (When I tell the story of Squish's birth in a few months it will be much longer and with more drama...kind of the story of their lives as well as their births)

After we dealt with the colic and the reflux, Bear was a very enjoyable baby. Much like his older brother he decided early that sleep was for the weak and proceeded to never let his parents get any. (not sleeping through the night until 8 mos!)

Bear nursed, and I think as a result, has been much more attached to me that Squish ever was. He has been so snuggly and sweet since he was born and loves his mommy above all else....thought he's finally letting some others in our tight circle.

His Gaggi and Pop sent him a balloon bouquet. He had a blast with it! He got all tangled up in the balloons and crawled around the living room laughing.

I made chocolate chip scones for breakfast and the Bear had his first taste of chocolate. Much like his mother he LOVES it.We decorated the dining room for him, complete with a Happy Birthday banner and crepe paper. His brother was far more excited about it that he was. We also blew up the bounce house and let them play (Squish had more fun there too)

Then we went outside to play for a bit and came in for nice long naps. I held him while he slept and thought of how tiny he used to be and how his first year seems to have gone by so much faster than Squish's did. It makes my uterus hurt and long for another little baby. But I suppose that one would just grow up too.

Happy Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy. You have been the light of my life and have brought about changes and developments in me that I will forever be grateful to you for. I would not change a single thing about you.

I love you Little Bear....and will forever


Danifred said...

Happy happy birthday Little Bear!!

HereWeGoAJen said...

Happy birthday, Bear!