Thursday, April 7, 2011

Proud Mama

Squish has done a few noteworthy things lately. I'm super proud of some of them. Some....well not so much. See if you can guess which is which

- As I was dropping him off at school (where they are building a big new sanctuary and have lots of construction equipment) he pointed out the window and said "look Mommy, a cement mixer" He used to refer to everything as a "digger" so this is progress

- Before we left for school I told him he needed to potty. He went into the bathroom, shut the door (which I cracked and peeked through) pulled his pants down, peed, missed, adjusted, pulled up his pants, flushed and came out. ALL BY HIMSELF! There are grown men who can't accomplish this task

-He has learned to work the light switches but knows he's only allowed to turn the lights on and off in his room. He asked permission before touching any or "my switches"

-As I was getting him ready for bed the other night he insisted that he be the one to zip his jammies, and he did it all by himself

-Then, after he zipped up, he got a huge grin on his face, walked over to where I was sitting in the floor, turned around and let one go right in my face.  He said "I tooted at your face Mommy" and laughed like there has never been anything funnier in life.

Like I said, some of these things make me proud. Some....not so much


HereWeGoAJen said...

Genius boy! Well, for almost everything!

Danifred said...

"I tooted at your face Mommy"... gotta love these little boogers!